It's Been a While

Yeah, we know, it's been a while. A lot of things have happened in that time. Where has SAMAR been? In the streets with the global anti-war movement, in the halls of INS trying to navigate special registration, at sold-out screenings of the film Mutiny. Our collective has changed somewhat, with a couple of new members joining, a couple of our longest and strongest members bowing out (on sabbatical they say -- and we hope), and a new addition to the extended SAMAR family. In the midst of all this, we've been discussing two main questions in relation to the magazine: the slow turnover time for an issue -- a year or more in the past few years; and our distribution method and network -- how can we expand our readership?

This is a time of transition for SAMAR, which will build on the legacy of the past eleven years to build a better magazine than what we have now. We plan to reformulate the format of the magazine and its look, and to question the "South Asian" identity underlying the magazine. Expect changes, and please, get involved. Suggestions or feedback from our readers will be the best gauge of our success, or lack thereof, in this process.

In the short run, we will be posting issues to the SAMAR website, both as a way to shorten the time elapsed between issues, and to widen our base of readers. Expect the next issue in March 2004 (we mean it!), and please, write and send contributions and suggestions for the next issue. We are planning to publish a few issues on the website while we decide how to reformulate the print version of SAMAR, and we will inform our subscribers of our plans at that point. In the meantime, please get involved, and get informed. See you in March!


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