hen she wept heavy tears
filled with words
in a language
I understood
all we needed
was a glance,
short meeting
of our eyes to

Her body
trembling like mine
as streets burst open
like the hearts
of people
on them.
Open wide
into layers and
layers of something
almost empty
like the sky
filled with nothing but smoke
crushed hopes
lost potential
passing spirits.

There were many other women
fleeing like the rest
worried like the rest
crying like the rest
their beautiful fabrics weighing
heavy by the harsh words and
stares of on lookers
ready to blame
black and brown women
for the ills of the world.
Nothing new.

Not the only one
threatened by white men
on the streets
men with eyes unable to see
sun's glare reflected
harshly in them,
threats of death
on their lips.

Not the only woman pregnant
one hand over growing belly
secret conversations
with the unborn
small islands of reprieve
in the ugliness.
Sacred words.

No secret compartment
in veils to hide behind,
while the government
hides people at secret
detention centers,
held without explanation
held in hidden places.

All ants, roaches and
hornets nesting,
not human.
makes it easier
to steal lives
demolish families
makes it easier to
shower metal death
on insects breeding
smoke them out of
holes and caves
rather than value
living souls
flesh and blood
beating hearts
of innocent people.


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