The Car

As the car slows to a stop, 

the darkness wells around us, 

we are on the edge, 

all is quiet, 


it’s been a month 

of everything falling apart, 


we make our way home

in the pitch black dark, 

do not talk, 


I draw myself a bath, 

think of my parents 

how little money they had, 

how little money we have now, 


one day this era 

will be called a Depression, 

but tonight 

we beat ourselves against the walls, 

for being so broke, 

for the car we must leave 

on the side of the road 


easy enough to forget 

we are being sucked dry by vultures 

easy enough to forget 

there is a war


but quiet now, lay down beside him, 

forget for a moment, turn on the 70s soul

make love, still in your towel, 


let it all ease out


forget there is not enough money, 

not enough money to pay the rent in the house. 



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