Policing Sex

Beloved Community,

As we step further into the Year of the Horse, we have been conjuring up new visions for SAMAR at our recent Advance (not to be confused with a Retreat). For the first time since becoming a national, virtual collective, we met face-to-face this past weekend to ask how we can better reflect you, the progressive left South Asian community. We now surface with renewed energy and excitement to collect and share the stories, debates, and struggles of this moment. For a taste, check out our new mission statement. And stay tuned for more changes. 

We present this latest issue on “Policing Sex” with a focus on the Indian Supreme Court’s recent decision to reinstate Section 377. Through political analysis, photography and poetry, our contributing authors explore the wider context of the criminalization of homosexuality in India, as well as the visions that are being forwarded to challenge heterosexism, the police state, and misogyny. 

Svati Shah’s essay provides a historical sketch of the politics and policies that led up to the recent 377 judgement, and connects the rise of Narendra Modi, heterosexism and the possibilities for progressive interventions in Indian neoliberalism. Sabelo Narasimhan captures the energy and rebellious spirit from this year’s Bombay Pride Parade in his photo essay and reflection. We also feature two new poems by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha that evoke borders of bodies and nation.

In the struggle,
The SAMAR Editorial Collective:


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