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Issue 39: The Art of Politics (2/8/2013)

In honor of our 20th anniversary, this issue features poetry by Bushra Rehman, Purvi Shah, YaliniDream and Ather Zia, along with a photo essay by Sabelo Narasimhan. Together, these pieces highlight the diversity of voices in the diaspora, ranging from ...

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Ather Zia / Abode of the God? / Four corners of extreme pain

As a people living under an occupation which is camouflaged within a patina of democratic set-up and draconian laws, there is a constant erasure of our bodies, memories and identities. We are inflicted with active forgetting in order to survive. At the ...

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Tonight in Kashmir

Late at night, alone but not in silence, in the capital city of Kashmir ...

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Disappeared Men and Searching Women: Human Rights and Mourning in Kashmir

Ather Zia documents how women who live with shadows of disappeared loved ones organize around human rights.  Her work chronicles the Kashmir conflict’s gendered violences that shape how these women continue to resist Indian militarism.  ...

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