Muntasir Sattar

"Muntasir recently received his master’s degree in International Education Development from Teachers College, Columbia University, and currently works for the Muslim Youth in New York City Public Schools project. He is also the academic programs coordinator at South Asian Youth Action! - a youth center in Elmhurst, Queens. His blog is available at"

Assimilate or Integrate? A Closer Look at South Asian Muslim Youth in New York City

Typecast and stereotyped, required to assimilate or questioned of their loyalties, the debate continues about who South Asian Muslim youth are. Instead, they should be understood in the socioeconomic and cultural context—and their multiple identities and civic commitments should be recognized.

From a Musharraf policy to a Pakistan policy

As Americans vote for a new presidential candidate, there is hope that Biden's proposal may have some impact in influencing a new foreign policy pact and partnership with Pakistan.

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