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Special Issue: The 2014 Indian elections

In response to the recent swearing in of Narenda Modi as India’s 15th prime minister, SAMAR releases this special issue which takes a deeper look at the differences between rhetoric and reality, and the connections between communalism and ...

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Policing Sex

This issue on Policing Sex explores the wider context of the criminalization of homosexuality in India, as well as visions put forth to challenge heterosexism, the police state, and misogyny.  ...

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Rebellion and the Ghadar Centennial

How do we practice and understand revolution? How has the spirit of Ghadar shaped the communities we form in the present, and how have we transformed radical action in the 21st century? ...

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Circles of Gender Justice

Dear Readers, Gendered violence plays a pervasive and significant role in the lives of modern women around the globe. In that vein, we present a special issue on women’s responses and activism against gender-based violence in South Asian and South ...

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The Art of Politics

In honor of our 20th anniversary, we wanted to share our perspectives on crafting this vibrant issue, which features poetry by Bushra Rehman, Purvi Shah, YaliniDream  and Ather Zia, along with a photo essay by Sabelo Narasimhan. Together, these pieces ...

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Overture to a Long Tomorrow

Introduction to Issue 18 ...

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A Letter to Our Subscribers

Wondering where the print version of SAMAR went? We explain. ...

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The Organizer's Corner

Questions for Saru Jayaraman of Restaurant Opportunities Center - New York (ROC-NY) ...

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One Big, Happy Community?

Class Issues Within South Asian Homes ...

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