Zachary Wales

Zachary Wales lives in Washington, DC. He can be contacted at zach dot wales at gmail dot com.

An Olive Tree Grows in South Hebron

The occupied village At-Tuwani is on the southern fringe of Hebron district and is slowly being eaten away by settlers that live on stolen adjacent lands. Zachary Wales recounts the story of At-Tuwani and in particular one of its residents, who is leading a personal struggle of resistance and fatherhood.

Web 2.0-conomic Warfare and Israel-Palestine

"Zachary Wales explores the role of "Web 2.0" in promoting social justice in the Middle East and effectively responding to crises, such as the one we are witnessing in Gaza. Despite its enormous potential, he warns that as long as we stand by passive or powerless, Gaza will burn, and all we can do is watch."

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