Issue 21: Untitled (10/30/2005)

Articles in this Issue

There is nothing chaotic about a well-executed and long-standing military state, nor is their anything normal about men in uniforms with long archaic rifles at every street corner. Srinagar it is a city under occupation.

After the October 8th South Asian earthquake that hit Kashmir and the North West Frontier Province, there has been much public scrutiny of boundaries and borders in attempts to understand the impact of the devastation.

Anjali Nath

An inside glimpse of call center working conditions—surveillance, abusive callers, few breaks, high work quotas, and the repetitive nature of the job.

Birjinder Anant

It is urgent that water, which remains Nepal's strongest resource, not fall in the hands of decision-makers who will exclude the majority of users. Sushma Joshi explores the politics of water and development in rural Nepal.

Sushma Joshi

Can we learn from the lessons of recent disasters?

SAMAR Collective