Issue 23: Untitled (5/26/2006)

Articles in this Issue

Singapore's guest worker program brings in restaurant, domestic and construction workers from South Asia. Workers share stories of long hours, unsafe work conditions and abusive employers. Is this the future of the US if it adopts a similar program?

Rupali Ghosh

The recent revolution in Nepal was not just an organic uprising of the people of Kathmandu, but one that has been at work for almost two decades with particular roots among the poor peoples of rural Nepal.

Reecha Upadhyay

Can we South Asians do it too or have we become an apathetic community? There was a notable absence of South Asians in the recent immigration protests. Where are the connections amongst the many issues immigrant communities are fighting against?

Veena B. Dubal

"Free speech is neither an invention of the Western world nor is the Muslim world necessarily at odds with it. The key is to realize the weight that a "progressive" Muslim voice has in this discourse."

Beena Ahmad