Issue 33: Crisis in Gaza (1/7/2009)

Articles in this Issue

Israel's latest attack on Gaza is part of a larger historical pattern of abuses based in hegemony, land theft, punishment and encampment of Palestinians, racist policies, aggression and paranoia and a bogus 'peace process' similar to American treaties with Native Americans.

Magid Shihade

Protest demonstrations are not enough to stop a holocaust. First, let's debunk the myths around Israel and the conflict and then, move to proactive strategies that will pressure the Israeli government.

Rohini Hensman

"Zachary Wales explores the role of "Web 2.0" in promoting social justice in the Middle East and effectively responding to crises, such as the one we are witnessing in Gaza. Despite its enormous potential, he warns that as long as we stand by passive or powerless, Gaza will burn, and all we can do is watch."

Zachary Wales