United States of Dissent: Converging Political Imaginaries of the Ghadarites and Black Panthers

Simmy Makhijani explores the personal and political intersections between the Ghadaries and the Black Panthers in the Bay Area. She invites us to ask how we might carve out political space as South Asians in relation to our shared and divergent radical pasts, through the lens of a 'polycultural' tradition.

Rebellion and the Ghadar Centennial

How do we practice and understand revolution? How has the spirit of Ghadar shaped the communities we form in the present, and how have we transformed radical action in the 21st century?

The Battle Over California's Textbook

Hindu groups' efforts to revise school textbooks in the name of second generation Indians' self esteem would erase the truth of the caste system, patriarchy and minority oppression.

Hum Kar Sakte Hain?

Can we South Asians do it too or have we become an apathetic community? There was a notable absence of South Asians in the recent immigration protests. Where are the connections amongst the many issues immigrant communities are fighting against?

Destination Culture

A critical look at South Asian arts and activism festivals in North America

Digitally Speaking

Languages of Youth Connectivity

Rotten Coconuts and Other Strange Fruits

A slice of hip hop from the west coast

Talking Strategy in San Francisco

A conversation with Rinku Sen (Center for Thirld World Organizing), Sandip Roy & Dipti Ghosh (Trikone) and Jayanth Eranki (Coalition Against Communalism)

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