Memory as Guide: and personal narratives of Sri Lanka

Ahalya Satkunaratnam reflects on how the stories of elders in the website, assist in complicating identity in Sri Lanka and how this site provides a discussion of national history and personal belonging that circumvents hostility that often accompanies web-based discussions of identity, the nation and the war.

Towards Critical Solidarity

In SASI's (South Asia Solidarity Initiative) previous two special columns to SAMAR, members focused on campaigns on POSCO, ‘Land Grabs and Corporate Steel’ and the pressing problem of Kashmir, ‘Of Silences, Suffering and Solidarity: Facing South Asia’s “Original Sin.”’  In this column, published on MLK Day, SASI activists raise some questions and tensions in solidarity politics itself.

1000 Years of South Asian Punk

A Review of ADF's Community Music

Which Way Is East?

Two views of the film version of Ayub Din Khan's East Is East

Elegy for a Nuclear Diaspora

A Review of Nitin Sawhney's Beyond Skin

Brushing Up on Multiculturalism

A Review of Zadie Smith's White Teeth

Committed to Life

"Aniruddha Das of the SAMAR Collective speaks with Aniruddha Das of Asian Dub Foundation"

Muslims Across the Brown Atlantic

The Position of Muslims in the UK and the US

Once Upon a Time in Hoxton

What it means to be Asian and Made in England

Inna Babylon

Mutiny and the Soul Rebels from the Subcontinent

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