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Martial Law Ma-sha-allah

The current events in Pakistan are nothing more than a replay of an old story. We have a threat to the United States (communism now replaced with 'Islamofascism'), the ensuing billions of dollars in aid to fend off the threat, a suspended ...

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Change We Can Believe In?

Obama's landslide victory marks the beginning of a new era, a moment of enormous possibility and for those of us fed up from the past eight years, long overdue prospect of change. But the change needs our continued efforts and work, unless we are ...

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As the Fires Die: The Terror of the Aftermath

As the smoke lifts from Mumbai, skepticism must prevail over thoseconjectures which support the official state narrative. It is crucial toincrease the pressure for transparency and accountability at this moment toensure that India doesn't slide into ...

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Terrors Old and New

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Web 2.0-conomic Warfare and Israel-Palestine

"Zachary Wales explores the role of "Web 2.0" in promoting social justice in the Middle East and effectively responding to crises, such as the one we are witnessing in Gaza. Despite its enormous potential, he warns that as long as we stand ...

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Anarchy in the Ranks

Building Sustainable Mass Movements ...

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Summer of Resilience

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On the Need for Women as Peacemaking Agents

Bringing women into the forefront of Nepal's peace process is critical to ensuring a just revisioning of the government as well as addressing the concerns of other marginalized groups. ...

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SAMAR Celebrates Fifteen Years

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A Note on Katrina

A collection of hurricane-related resources ...

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