Book Review: Corona by Bushra Rehman (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2013)

This fragmented, musical novel breaks the prettiness of memory, brings irreverent humor where it should, shows the crisscross of ethnic neighborhoods in New York City, and celebrates love in the midst of violence. 

The Toy Makers

Multinational executives from a toy company and their elite Indian counterparts pass time on a train platform.

Speed Limits

When you travel too fast, you will notice all kinds of differences.

Chicken Biryani

The thought of his mother waiting with the delicious biryani made him wish he could fly home.

Tale of an Indian Lesbian

While the single unmarried daughters in the city's posh enclaves fall into dreams of securing rings from America-branded MBA sons of high status families, Charu lies tossing and turning under satin sheets fantasizing about hibernating in the folds of the supple sari clad bodies of women.

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