Passports and Pink Slips

Immigration and Labor After 9/11

The Making / Migrant Song / Sound the Alarm

In the following excerpt from Migritude, a one-woman spoken-word theater piece, Shailja Patel brings us the story of South Asian migration to East Africa.

Uncovering the Links, Part 1

The Crows and Pawns of British Colonialism

when they started bombing

Monday, October 08, 2001
after arriving home from my weekend upstate, i fell asleep with a sadness that comes when i leave behind the comforts of the sounds of the river and the hikes through the forest. feeling slightly ill, i awoke and checked my email and saw the headline i had been dreading

the one that took me back ten years

we had spent the afternoon celebrating my friend's birthday, we came home and we rang the doorbell and her mother opened the door with tears in eyes, she was crying and she was saying, and i can't remember now, if she said:

Power of Love and Money

Sending a remittance is an individual act of love from the sender to the receiver. Collectively, it can be transformed into economic power.

Sailing Into the Past

The African Experience in India

Organizing for Obama

A South Asians for Obama organizer explores what an Obama presidency would look like, explains what's in it for progressives, and asks what is the future role of this country.

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