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Lean Left: Young Radical Voices

Flash back to the first time you met another Desi lefty. Can you remember the quickening of your heart? Your excitement at finding someone who cared about the same issues and communities? For most of us, the moment we realized we weren’t alone in the ...

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Drifting Across Desi Youth: Youth Activists Reflect on Social Justice, Resistance and Solidarity

Over one weekend in August 2015, three South Asian American youth camps took place across the US:  Bay Area Solidarity Summer  (BASS) in Oakland, CA,  Chicago Desi Youth Rising  (CDYR) in Chicago, IL and  East Coast Solidarity Summer  (ECSS) in New ...

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Stop Urban Shield, Stop Violence Against Our Communities

If there is anything that Urban Shield and the racist history of policing in the U.S. teaches us, it is that the police and military are two faces of the same system of global repression and racism.  ...

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Do I Look Suspicious?

It was a beautiful June day in 2012. Thousands of demonstrators participated in a silent march down Fifth Avenue to protest the New York Police Department’s Stop and Frisk policy. We marched under trees, past the Guggenheim and the Met lined with weekend ...

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Call to Pakistan

A daughter calls her mother in Lahore; the phone rings and rings. She, along with seventy other peace activist from the best-known human rights organizations, have been arrested. But the troubling times are giving birth to a new resistance. ...

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A Brick in the United Front

A report from South Asians Against Police Brutality and Racism ...

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Hijras, a Police Crusade and an Action

Bangalore, the new global city, is 'cleaning up' and police justify their brutality saying that they are just following orders. India has reached new heights of physical and sexual abuse and arbitrary arrests of hijras . But recent events have ...

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Not In Our Name

An Anti-Detention Testimonial ...

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Were There No Alternatives? Asks Shaheen Kamadia

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