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Memory as Guide: and personal narratives of Sri Lanka

Ahalya Satkunaratnam reflects on how the stories of elders in the website, assist in complicating identity in Sri Lanka and how this site provides a discussion of national history and personal belonging that circumvents hostility that often ...

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Book Review: The State of Islam: Culture And Cold War Politics In Pakistan by Saadia Toor

Hamzah Saif reviews Saadia Toor's The State of Islam , "a forceful corrective to the dialogue on Pakistan." ...

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YaliniDream / Safety Zones / Salted Wounds

I entered Sri Lankan Tamil politics simply by telling my own story and listening to family and community stories. My earliest childhood memories were of Jaffna (Yalpannam), Sri Lanka—the place after whom I was named. My bedtime stories were of the ...

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Tonight in Kashmir

Late at night, alone but not in silence, in the capital city of Kashmir ...

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Legislating Terror

Manipur: Another Victim of India's Draconian Anti-Terrorism Laws ...

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Sovereign Cybernation of Sikh Diaspora @ K300

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